Woman Clothed with Sun

Woman Clothed with Sun

By Bro. Joel Roma

CFD Lapulapu Chapter

The image of the woman clothed with sun seen by St. John in Rev. 12: 1 was the present image of the new heavenly Jerusalem and the glorifying image of the Blessed virgin Mary.
Here is the explanation:

When John said that the woman was in pain nearly giving birth (Rev. 12: 2)he was referring to the historical background of the woman(not an allusion to the Blessed Virgin Mary because she is not part of the curses, including the birth pains, given by God to Eve in Gen. 3: 16). The historical background of the woman was that she was alluded to the heavenly Zion of the old covenant (cf. Isaiah 62). The place where the souls of the elect of the old testamant people were placed and God wanted a new name for her and wanted to marry her in the near foture. Remember that the souls of the elect in this place have not yet reached heaven (new Jerusalem) and all of them were waiting for the coming of the Messiah.(Jesus told us that nobody has gone up to heaven John 3: 13 and no one has seen the Father except him who comes from the Father John 6: 46).

Example of this were the souls confined only underneath the altar as seen by St. John in Rev. 6: 9-10 which is different in stature as the souls of the elect seen in Rev. 7: 9-10. As Jesus Christ ascended to heaven according to St. Paul, Jesus has with him many captives (Ephesians 4: 8), the prophesy then of Isaiah 66: 8 that in an instant Zion will give birth of her children, thus comes to its fulfillment (Rev. 7: 9-10).

But, the body and blood of Jesus that made the perfect sacrifice to God (Heb. 9: 14)came from the Blessed Virgin Mary (Heb 2: 14) because without her the perfect sacrifice of Jesus would have had not fulfilled. So the woman in Rev. 12: 1 could be alluded to the Blessed Virgin Mary either.

6 thoughts on “Woman Clothed with Sun

  1. Bro. Joel Roma,

    I am bothered by the way you have presented your interpretation of the woman clothed with the sun (Rev. 12: 1) since you are giving two interpretations on a single imagery. You said that Rev. 12: 1 was the present image of the new heavenly Jerusalem and the glorifying image of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Which of the two is most qualified? I admire your ability of picking up texts of the bible to support your way of explaining and your interpretation, but one thing is that you are giving a double meaning of one imagery! 2nd thing is that why would you exclude Mary from the curses imparted by God to Eve when infact Mary is just a human being like us? Kindly explain this! I’ll be waiting for your reply! Please!

  2. To Noel Tarongoy,

    First o all, thank you for commenting.

    Here is the answer to your first question:

    There’s no contradiction to two interpretations on a single imagery, I suppose, and won’t give a headache to understand it.
    The former is a place and the latter is a person. My contention was that without the Virgin Mary there would be no occupants of triumphant souls in the New Heavenly Jerusalem and no salvation of the human race as well. The fall of our first parents when the devil used the woman, Eve, as his instrument to cause the disorder of God’s creation, God in His omnipotence used the woman, Virgin Mary, to restore the disorder of God’s creation.
    Thus began the dawn of restoration.

    I’m not forcing you to believe this, it’s your own choice!

    Here is my answer to your second question:

    It is the holy scripture that excludes Virgin Mary from the cueses imparted by God to Eve, not me!
    In Gen. 3: 15 God was speaking to the serpent and the woman He was implying is the Virgin Mary, not Eve. While in Gen. 3: 16, of course it is explicit, God was speaking to Eve.

    I hope you are satisfied with my answers. Thanks!

  3. To Noel Tarongoy,

    In Gen. 3: 15, take cognizant of this sentence “I shall put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will bite his heel.”

    enmity = means deep-seated unfriendliness or mortal enemy.
    If the woman refers to Eve, it does not follow because she had sinned (1Tim. 2: 13-14), since sinning means you have sided to the devil (1John 3: 8) and enmity is cut off.
    The woman in Gen. 3: 15 must have no stain of sin even from the moment of her conception in the womb of her mother because only the perfect sacrifice of Christ takes away all sins. Since Christ is the personified Wisdom (1Cor. 1: 24) and Wisdom will not dwell in the body enslave to sin (Wisdom 1: 4), this woman became the mother of Jesus Christ (John 1: 1,4)(Heb. 2: 14), which is the offspring that would crush the head of the serpent.

    To identify the offspring:
    In Job 41:11 it says that no one on earth could ever attack with impunity the beast called Leviathan. Only God has crushed the heads of the Leviathan (Psalms 74: 12-14).
    (In Isaiah 27: 1 the Leviathan is the serpent and in Rev. 12: 9 the serpent is the Devil). Therefopre, the offspring is Jesus Christ, the God-man.

    I hope you are satisfied more, Noel!!!

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