A Friendly Reply Concerning the Woman Cloth with the Sun

A Friendly Reply Concerning the Woman Cloth with the Sun

By Bro. Joel Roma, CFD



To Noel Tarongoy:

First o all, thank you for commenting.

Here is the answer to your first question:

There’s no contradiction to two interpretations on a single imagery, I suppose, and won’t give a headache to understand it.
The former is a place and the latter is a person. My contention was that without the Virgin Mary there would be no occupants of triumphant souls in the New Heavenly Jerusalem and no salvation of the human race as well. The fall of our first parents when the devil used the woman, Eve, as his instrument to cause the disorder of God’s creation, God in His omnipotence used the woman, Virgin Mary, to restore the disorder of God’s creation.
Thus began the dawn of restoration.


I’m not forcing you to believe this, it’s your own choice!

Here is my answer to your second question:


It is the Holy Scripture that excludes Virgin Mary from the cueses imparted by God to Eve, not me!
In Gen. 3: 15 God was speaking to the serpent and the woman He was implying is the Virgin Mary, not Eve. While in Gen. 3: 16, of course it is explicit, God was speaking to Eve.

I hope you are satisfied with my answers. Thanks

6 thoughts on “A Friendly Reply Concerning the Woman Cloth with the Sun

  1. I am a Roman catholic and I am glad and thankful that this kind of topic is brought here for viewing and at the same time to make us learn something about a sort of apologetic. But can anybody here show me the ancient document of our church fathers about the no pain when the blessed virgin Mary gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ? In advance, I thank you for it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I’ll be waiting!

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