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A Defence to the Bishops

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together
Article Title: A Defence to the Bishops
Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan



The Church in their most humble acceptance said, that the Church always live with the donations of the members, thus the Bible proclaimed, “But you shall be called the priests of the Lord, men shall speak of you as ministers of our God; you shall eat the wealth of the nations, and in their riches you shall glory.” (Is.61:6) To accept a gift is one thing and to scandalize the receiver is another, due to the love of the people that they give donations to the Church not because they are compelled to do so like a government tax which is required by every Filipinos.
Former PCSO chairwoman Mrs. Uriarte pronounced that it was a long practice of the government to work hand in hand with the Church and some other religions and NGO’s sometimes through the PCSO. The purpose is good and the way it was given is not illegal for the Church does not permit illegality of means.
Former National Security Advicer Norberto Gonzales in a forum concerning RH Bill held at Cagayan de Oro, cited some projects that Gloria Arroyo work with Bishop Pueblos for some charitable purposes in Agusan area e.g. the education of children from far flung areas whom they brought in a most suitable place to conduct classes. Next the negotiation of the NPA Rebels and some private armies together with the Philippine Armed Forces to maintain peace within the vicinity of the Diocese.
Why Bishop Pueblos? It’s because the rebels and the Government troops both respect religious authorities, when food and medical assistance were given to the remotes areas transported by a government vehicles they experience ambush and some other harassments where the Bishop is spared when he do so. This is the reason why the Bishop needed a vehicle to reach very far areas with rocky and slippery roads which are very dangerous to travel-specially during rainy days.
Now when the vehicles were returned no “Pajero” is seen for they were so much mock and humiliated with the term “Pajero Bishops” the vehicles are usually old models except one, some of it is mark with charitable purposes. The Senators are somehow softened for first nothing illegal was done. The Bishops may had been used by political motives which is sized by some small groups who are against the Catholic Church.
It is not immoral to ask and to receive something for charity, if it cannot be given by the government for some valid reasons the Bishops would accept a “No” answer they would never ask anybody to do some anomaly for their favour. As Meriam Santiago said in the Senators Hearing, “there is no Constitutional violation,” concerning the PCSO assistance for the poor given through the Church.
The Political side: The Bishops being attacked maliciously and arrogantly are those who criticized the present administration. They seem to look some loop holes against the Church in which they are not successful. The Catholic Church would always stand for the truth and the good and cannot be shutted up by any monetary gifts for nothing has taken personally. During the time of King Henry VIII who donated a lot-for the establishment of some Church buildings more than what the Philippine government had been given to the Church; he ask the Church to divorce his wife and threaten the Church by a separation. The Church straightly answered him, “it is better to lose a kingdom than to comprise a single doctrine.” Moreover it is not only the Catholic Bishops who receive something but why they become the center of calumny?
Those who mock the Bishops shall remember that they are attacking the successors of the Apostles of Jesus who is the owner of life and everything. If those people truly look for the truth without any hidden motives then they should raise the issue with respect and not with hatred. For no matter what we do the truth will definitely triumph in the end.

Divorce is Immoral

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: Divorce is Immoral

Date: June 1, 2011



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This is another bill of which divine institution is not considered; it is very sad that some congressmen are solving the problems like practical atheist. They have forgotten that there is God who is always present in history who abides and take good care of mankind. The origin of marriage is God, in the book of Genesis 1:27-28 – “Male and female he created them. And God Bless them saying : Increase and           multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.” It was of divine plan to make the first man and woman as the parent of mankind their union is planned by God, henceforth marriage is a vocare it is avocation both the husband and the wife are called for each other to participate divine love which eternal that’s why marriage is a life time commitment.

The Catholic Church maintain, “The Church, since she is faithful to her Lord, cannot recognize the union of people who are civilly divorced and remarried” (CCC 349). The Catholic Church always speak on behalf God without compromising one single doctrine for each single religious tenet comes from divine norms which is a must for respect. For the Lord said, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery” (Mk.10:11-12).

Now, they say there are a lot of battered wives and husbands and a lot of unfaithful marriage partners, therefore divorce for them is the best option. But such response to the problem is not necessary and would never solve the problem. For if the wife divorces her husband and marry another there is no guarantee that her next marriage is a perfect one, and so she might divorce her next husband and divorce the third soon and so forth towards infinity? Now where is the sanctity of marriage. Divorce was practice by paganism before and it was the Lord Himself who died for this teaching insisting the sanctity of marriage. But it seems that our good congressmen wanted to go back to pagan times where marriage was never valued like what Jesus taught unto us.

The next consideration is the children, try to ask one child to imagine if his parents are divorced and if would be rejoicing due to that. When I ask anybody I have not hear somebody affirming divorce to be a good thing to happen to their parents. Most of delinquent children are victims of broken families; emotionally no one take care for them it is very difficult ask one of them and unearth a long time suppressed depression. Family is the basic unit of the Church as well as to society: the destruction of families results to the destruction of society. Let us all help pray that the minds of the congressmen passing this bill would be enlightened that they should remain a believer of God for if not they would continue of being a practical atheist.





The Blessed Virgin Mary

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: The Blessed Virgin Mary

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan

Date: April 25, 2012



The Catholic Church teaches that Mary the Mother of Jesus is perpetually virgin that is she is virgin, before, during, and after the birth of Jesus. This idea got a very strong opposition among Protestants. However the Catholic Church is humble enough to concede with the truth discounting personal and religious biases.

That Mary the mother of Jesus is a virgin before the birth is explicitly warranted in the Bible; when angel Gabriel announced the birth of the Messiah, Mary responded, “I’m a virgin. How, then, can this be? (Lk.1:34 Good News Bible). There is no doubt between Catholics and Protestants they agreed on this view, nevertheless the next idea is so profound: Mary is Virgin during the birth of Jesus.

The Prophet said, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel” (Is.7:14 KJV) this prophecy is affirmed in the Gospel of St. Mathew (1:23) that is fulfilled to Mary and Jesus. Now the term sign in Hebrew sounds like “oth” which means a miraculous sign. An idea, that was supported by the Church Fathers that if a miracle is needed to preserve the virginity then it is manifested in the Scripture. Among other Catholic Theologians, they supported moral side of virginity; the sex act and seed act virginity of Mary that she was not touch by any man nor any genetical seed had in her. Whatever view they had still they have one thing in mind that Mary is a virgin during the birth of Jesus.

Another issue is the virginity of Mary after the birth of Jesus: One should notice the word of prophecy that, “Mary shall conceive and bear a son” hence to have children other that Jesus destroys the prophecy. Now, there are questions concerning the brother of Jesus mentioned in the Gospel of Mark (6:3). Let’s make it a point, the term brother is adelphus in Greek could also mean cousin and this is clarified in some other parts of the New Testament for the brothers of Jesus were sons not of Joseph but of another people, like, James the Son of Zebedee and James the Son of Alpheus (Lk.6:16) whose wife is name Mary with their children Joseph and Salome (Mk.15:40) but she is the cousin of Mary the Mother of Jesus (Jn.19:25). There are seven Simons in the Gospels one of whom was called the brother of Jesus but again it cannot be another son of Mary for if the cousin of Jesus were called His brothers then Simon who was one of them could never be a brother of Jesus in blood since he was included in the list of the brothers of Jesus who were the Lord’s cousins. The same argument is applied for Jude that he belonged to the list called the brother of Jesus who are close relatives with the Lord but not His brother in blood.

Among the Jewish culture the Mother should not be left with other people if one has a brother, now since Jesus turn over Mary to John His disciple it is a very strong proof that Mary had no other children save Jesus the Christ.

On the case of Joseph when he happened to know that Mary was pregnant he wanted to go away it was never in his mind to take Mary as his wife. Now, when he realized through the vision, with an angel that Mary was bearing the Son of God the more that he would not intend of taking Mary as his wife by following the flow of his mind.

And so this is a truth of certitude that Mary is perpetually virgin, let us hold on to this for the truth only can set us free.


Verbum Domini

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Column Title: Let’s Think Togther

Article Title: Verbum Domini

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan

Date: March 06, 2012




A synod of Bishops gathered at Vatican in 2008 to discuss the Word of God in the life and Mission of the Church. The interest of the synod was to review the implementation of the directives on Scripture in the Second Vatican Council with the task to continue what the council had started. Verbum Domini (no.3) The pope created an apostolic exhortation in response to the synod. The documents highlighted three main parts.


Verbum Die (The Word of God) – The significant on the first parts is the Incarnation where the Word became flesh which is the center of Christian mystery. The Incarnate Word of God reveals God completely in space and time. It started with the dialogue between God and Man and Mary the first receiver of the announcement of the Word who will become her son in the Incarnation.

From then on the Scripture shall be interpreted from the principles and directions of Jesus which fosters a serious study of historical research and looking the meaning of the word of the Bible for today. “In order to appreciate the divine element in the Bible, three criteria are necessary: [1] the text must be interpreted with attention to the unity of the whole of Scripture (also known as “canonical exegesis)”; [2] the Tradition of the Church must be taken into account; and [3] the analogy of faith must be respected (no. 35). Although many Catholic exegetes are competent in the historical-critical method, more attention needs to be paid to the theological dimension of biblical texts, in accordance with these three elements.”

According to Pope Benedict ecumenism remains important and the Church should consider the lives of the Saints on how they carried the message of Jesus inn their own lives. Thus today theologians, pastors and scholars and many others are encourage to work together.


Verbum Ecclesia (The Word in the Church) – This the consideration of the word of God in the Church most especially in the liturgy and sacraments which will be understood and propounded with the Scripture the Word of God. The readings and the Gospel of the Mass shall have more importance in the proclamation of God’s message in the homilies.

Publications should be created and develop to help propagate the Gospel. Liturgy of the hour and prayer gatherings are encouraged among parishes and religious communities. However the faithful must see also the value of silence for in this solemnly that the word of God can be reflected in a more personal manner. The Pope urges the faithful to encounter Jesus and deepen their personal relationship with the Lord. “When the faithful do not know the Bible, they are often preyed upon by various sects which promote a distorted reading of Scripture” (no. 73). Lectio divina is encourage and deep prayer in the family circle.


Verbum Mundo (The Word to the World) – This is concerning the evangelization to the world empowering the heralds of the Gospels even the lays are encouraged to participate on evangelizing others thus bringing them to the fullness of truth the Catholic Church. Jesus Christ is the creator of the world and he is present in all things hence all thing shall be under Him. A lot of people are drawing themselves to Jesus Christ for it is the longingness of everybody to know the truth. And so while waiting the second coming of the Lord that we are hoping we shall take advantage the opportunity of evangelization. The migrants who are so innocent of the name of the Lord must be a good area of mission on preaching this people. An essential part of the Church’s proclamation consists in encounter, dialogue, and cooperation with followers of other religious traditions. “This is to take place without forms of syncretism and relativism” (no. 117) And everyone is encourage to respond with this call of the Holy Father.

The Eternal Hell

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title:  The Eternal Hell

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan

Date: February 8, 2012




The term hell comes from the Anglo-Saxon word helan or behelian which means “to hide”. In the Scripture the idea of hell (infernus) which is called Gehenna is an eternal fire a punishment for the mortal sinners after death together with the demons. The torments is forever and ever (Rev.14:11) with everlasting pain and suffering, where the worms are not going to die and the fire shall not be quenched (Mk.9:47-48).

Some people objected the idea of hell for according to them God is a merciful one whose love is infinite and so how can this very good God create a hell where souls are punished in eternity.  But they overlook the individual freedom given by the Almighty to us where man can choose freely his end. We are neither animals nor plants that exist without the free choice of volition. And so a person can freely reject God’s love forever and ever hence it is unimaginable thing to bring the person to heaven which he does not like, for he chooses hell to be his final destiny. Consequently hell is made for those people who might reject Gods love in eternity.

Now, God is life and so hell is death, it is a second death for it is the death of the soul in the absence of God’s grace. God is love and wherefore the rejection of this love means the soul in hell will suffer the groans of hatefulness; they are all enemies in that dungeon fighting each other in eternity and none of them shall repent from their sins for in their hearth there is the absence of love and humility. God is happiness, and so in hell where the people abandoned the eternal happiness will live in sadness and rejection, it is not an easy like; you don’t like it really.

Moreover, the pain of the senses poena sensus  arised from the pleasure of the flesh in sinning, hence there is this eternal fire penetrating deep into the soul of the person where he can recall every single enjoyment of sin he made before, which now turns into a painful experience.

The Church teaches:

  • God is not only infinitely good, He is infinitely wise, just, and holy.
  • No one is cast into hell unless he has fully and entirely deserved it.
  • The sinner perseveres forever in his evil disposition.
  • We must not consider the eternal punishment of hell as a series of separate of distinct terms of punishment, as if God were forever again and again pronouncing a new sentence and inflicting new penalties, and as if He could never satisfy His desire of vengeance. Hell is, especially in the eyes of God, one and indivisible in its entirety; it is but one sentence and one penalty. We may represent to ourselves a punishment of indescribable intensity as in a certain sense the equivalent of an eternal punishment; this may help us to see better how God permits the sinner to fall into hell — how a man who sets at naught all Divine warnings, who fails to profit by all the patient forbearance God has shown him, and who in wanton disobedience is absolutely bent on rushing into eternal punishment, can be finally permitted by God’s just indignation to fall into hell.

Hell is a spiritual dimension it cannot be located here on earth it is a different state prepared by the Lord to those who decide to be with it in eternity.  The judgment of God is perfect and without error for the Lord knows all that we do here on earth; every moment a decision is called for whether our next action helps us to be in heaven or it will push us to hell.


Renewal of Christian Vows

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: Renewal of Christian Vows

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan

April 17, 2012




The Christian vow starts at baptism when the person recites the creed which is traditionally taught among the catechumens during the passion. This creed was the password among the early Christians and was created by the apostles immediately after the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost Day. Henceforth, the creed is pronounced by the candidates for baptism in Catholic Church for in this way that an assurance of the unity of faith with the disciples of Jesus is ascertain.

The practice of the baptism of the catechumens among the early Christians  took place on the last day of the triduum: the night of the Easter vigil and so together with the faithful the entire assembly also renew their baptismal vows as a Christian to remain sincere in the spirit of apostolic virtues received from Christ.

St. Paul wrote to Titus to renew the Holy Spirit for in this way that a believer somehow regain the strength and passion of serving the Lord and become always a living witness to the Gospel. The renewal of the Christian vow is not a new thing to do but a new way approaching the Christian challenges that arose along with our different neighbours in this world with different outlooks in life.

Presently most of the Baptised Catholics are infants whose faith is represented by the parents. Now as they grow old they can readily stand the vow of being a Catholic Christian and understand what it means to be a follower of Christ in the midst of this fast growing modernization.

The messages of Pope Benedict XVI for the past Lenten celebration echo for the whole year, he strongly said: “We must not remain silent before evil.” People now these days are so cold to stand for the truth, most of the Christians are trying to avoid trouble, that could be good, but to allow evil to flourish is not good for the self and to the entire society. People are afraid to stand for the faith they seemed have forgotten their vow of baptism to remain strong with the Incarnate God.

Further the Pope said, “Let us be concerned for each other, to stir a response in love and good works” the three virtues of Christ the, priestly, kingly, and prophetic virtues are so alive with the message of the Holy Father. To be concerned with each other in the name of love embodies the love of neighbour the very agape mandated by the Lord to His disciples. This is the Love of God hence loving our neighbour reflects with the love of God that we have. This priestly virtue is manifested in our participation with the Sacraments and Church Liturgies; a definite priestly function. Love of neighbour is the essence of being a king in the fashion of Jesus and not of this world. A form of service with deep concern for everybody as the image of God’s love – Jesus is seen especially among the least of our brethren: the poorest of the poor. However, to be concern with our neighbour is to bring them to the truth, thus the prophetic virtue is inseparable with the two virtues of baptism.

Few, only are reminded to live this virtues receive in the Sacrament of baptism hence the Christian vow is necessary to bring back the energy as believers of Jesus. That we are called to follow the same path he took and live the same principles that he got two thousand years ago. Philippines is the threshold of Christianity in easy, we are but a beacon of light that glimmers our neighbouring countries, that they may see the joy of being a Christian. But, what can we say more we cannot even live these things in our actions.


The People must know

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Column Title: Let’s think together

Article Title: The People must know

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan


In a survey made it appears that sixty nine percent (69%) of the Filipinos agreed the use of artificial contraception, twenty four percent (24%) are not sure and only seven percent (7%) of the Filipinos have the same conservative position with the Catholic Church which remains very strong to go against the artificial contraception. This is because the Church knows something that the people do not specially on the moral side of family planning. In the Humanae vitae of Pope Paul VI the Church constantly says that artificial contraception is wrong. Contraception is “any action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act [sexual intercourse], or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible” (Birth Control, Catholic Answers). Before 1930 the Protestant goes with the mind with the Catholic Church, but on the Lambeth conference the Anglican was pressured and started to sway their position now the Catholic Church is the only largest institution opposing artificial contraception.


            Why the Church says contraception is wrong? Primarily, since it defeats the purpose of sex which is designed by God for procreation and not an end of the act. It is a blessing from God intended to create a new life in the bond of matrimony, there must be love and respect, and not for self gratification only. The people must know this thing to have a good view of life and love in the family.


            If the Filipino couple are given the change to choose between natural and artificial they would prefer the artificial one, for it is convenient and easy. Unlike the natural method that it takes time for them to know with great accuracy, they need to be educated in the holistic aspect of family planning. And since most of the Filipino are not oriented with the importance of the natural family planning they would choose the artificial method. But I do believe that if they only know the reality of both the natural and the artificial they would choose probably choose the natural one.


            It remains that education is the best solution of problems, for in it that there is awareness that inclines proper decision making. The people who knows what is right from wrong are those who can discriminate them properly and as a Christian country it is deemed that everybody must get involved in proclaiming the truth and what is the best for the people; since this is not only a problem of a few but for all of us, knowing the truth makes a difference thus Jesus said, “the truth shall set us free.”

The Condom Condemnation

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: The Condom Condemnation

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan

Date: November 10, 2010



            Some parts of the world are rejoicing including the pro RH Bill passed in the Philippine congress, for just one reason that seems to be the most awaited and the most exciting when the Pope said, “condom is okay?” I think it’s a big “No way” specially to the pro lifers. The Church never changed her position against artificial contraception. However I deemed it necessary to clarify some point of view for the sake of the concerned readers.



            Concerning the Papal opinion; the Pope is infallible when he speaks “ex cathedra” as the supreme pastor of the Roman Catholic Church and defines a doctrine concerning faith and morals. Any opinion that he may express without the necessary condition of his infallibility is not binding. The Church remains a pro lifer the Pope did not intend to change the stand of the Church for a long time  regarding artificial contraception which is never  suggested as an option to be used by the couple that plans a good family.



            Nonetheless the Church would deal things on a case to case basis for it is the whole person that is the most concern of the issue. The best example is abortion that which the Church never allows however if the baby inside is dangerous most specially to both the life of Mother and the baby that none of the two may survive if pregnancy continues then this indirect  abortion is allowed in this very extraordinary case, however the Pope was implying something very different of what the anti lifers had construed. The pope was interviewed by Peter Seewald that can be read in the  “light of the World” a book length interview of Pope Benedict XVI of which when he was ask concerning the issue of the fight against the banalization of sexuality, that sex must be an expression of love within the context of marriage the Pope made the following statement:



             “There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do whatever one wants.  But it is not really the way to deal with the evil of HIV infection. That can really lie only in a humanization of sexuality.

Are you saying, then, that the Catholic Church is actually not opposed in principle to the use of condoms?

“She of course does not regard it as a real or moral solution, but, in this or that case, there can be nonetheless, in the intention of reducing the risk of infection, a first step in a movement toward a different way, a more human way, of living sexuality.”


            The emphasis of the Pope is the case of a “male Prostitute who is going to use a condom” this is not about sexuality within marriage, this is about the male prostitute starting to be awaken from his promiscuous condition whereby he is transmitting the deadly virus and as his first step of moral sense he is going to use a condom. The Pope did not suggest that the male prostitute must wear a condom, but, if and only a male prostitute uses a condom, there is then the first step of moral sense in him. The Pope did not made a suggestion that condom is a prevention of AIDs nor it is commendable for family planning it is not in the mind of the Pope and the whole Catholic magisterium it is only in the mind of those who are anti life that looks anything they can make use to promote their evil cause.

In the fight against Aids the Catholic Church recommends abstinence and among any institution all over the world the Catholic Church champions in this field without much ado. In some other parts of the book it is said, “I had the chance to visit one of these wards and to speak with the patients. That was the real answer: The Church does more than anyone else, because she does not speak from the tribunal of the newspapers, but helps her brothers and sisters where they are actually suffering. In my remarks I was not making a general statement about the condom issue, but merely said, and this is what caused such great offense, that we cannot solve the problem by distributing condoms. Much more needs to be done. We must stand close to the people, we must guide and help them; and we must do this both before and after they contract the disease.” (An excerpt from Light of the World, Peter Seewald’s book-length interview with Pope Benedict XVI From Chapter 11, “The Journeys of a Shepherd,” pages 117-119: excerpted by Dr. Janet E. Smith).



            The Church upholds the truth and love, she never changes her principles as easy as what  the other people are thinking, the Holy Spirit abides the Church and safe guarding her least she fall into error. Concerning the fight against artificial contraception that is because the Church consider all aspects of human life, the natural method is open for pregnancy, open for life, but the artificial one is not open for pregnancy it is anti life.  Moreover the Catholic Church upholds the dignity of all, the Husband the wife and the life inside the womb of the mother, insuring that whatever measure the couple should take, the baby, unexpected maybe, is safe and its possibility is welcomed by the couple. The Church reflects Gods justice and love, let’s think straight always and together.




The Long History of Opposition

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: The Long History of Opposition

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan



The Roman Catholic Church would celebrate this month of June the Trinity Sunday but like any other doctrine there are a lot of oppositions a very long line of Heretical Positions. But the truth always prevail, even how seemingly powerful the enemy is still truth and good prevails in the end.  The first of those were very ostensible in opposing the doctrines:



            1st Century – Judaic heretics, Cerenthus and the Ebionites held strongly  the doctrine that there

is only  one Person in God and denied the divinity of Jesus Christ.

            Late 2nd Century – Mornchianism taught that there is only one Person in God.

a)      Dynamic or Adoptionist Monarchianism – Taught that Christ is a mere man, even though born in a supernatural manner from the Holy Ghost and of the Blessed Virgin. The principal exponents of the Doctrine was Theodotius of Byzantine who brought the idea to Rome and was excommunicated by Pope Victor (189-198); Paul of Samosta, Bishop of Antioch who was deposed a heretic  in the Synod of Antioch (268) and Bishop Phontius of Sermium who was deposed in the Synod of Syrmium (351).

The Defenders of the Faith were: St. Irenaeus and Tertullian

b)      Patripassianic or Modalist Monarchianism – accepts the divinity of Jesus Christ but admits only one Person in God by teaching that the Father had become man in Jesus Christ and had Suffered. Few of those who taught this idea was Noetus of Smyrna and Praxeas from Asia Minor.The Defenders of the Faith were: St. Hyppolitus and Alexandrian Bishop, Dionysius the Great.


336 A.D.  – Alexandrine Presbyter Arius, taught that the Logos or the Word is created in time

and does not exist in eternity. This doctrine was condemned in the Council of Necea (325). This Council drafted a creed, which confesses Jesus Chrsit to be the Son of God, His generation from the Substance of the Father, His true Divinity and His consubstantiality with the Father.

360 A.D. – Macedonianism (Pneumatomachi – combators against the Holy Spirit) a group

founded by Semi-Arian Bishop Macedonius. The Defenders of the Faith: St.  Athanasius at the General Council of Constantinople.


565 A.D. – Johannes Philopunos, according to him, the Three Divine Persons individuals of the

God-head, as three men are three individuals of the species of man.

            1120 A.D. – Roscelin, A Canon of Compiegne, was a nominalist, according to him The Divine

Persons were three separate realities which are connected with one another morally only. The Defenders of the Faith: His teaching was combated by St. Anselm of Canerbury, and condemned at the Synod at Soissons.


            1154 A.D. – Gilbert of Poiters who taught that there are Three Persons plus God Head.

The Defenders of the Faith: Bernhard of Clairvaux, the teaching was condemned in the Council of Rheims.

1202 – A.D. Abbot Joachim of Fiore, conceived the unity of the Three Divine Persons as a

collective unit. The Defenders of the Faith: Peter Lombardus, the teaching was  condemned by the

Lateran Council in 1215 A.D. 

            1873 – A.D. Anton Gunther he taught that the Three substances of the Divine Persons are



1524 -Martin Luther in some of his articles (Schmalkadic Articles P.I Art.1-4) he denied the

Dogma of the Trinity.

1604 – Socianism, established by Faustus Sozzine – denied the plurality of the Divine Persons,

declared that Jesus is a mere man, and the Holy Ghost is an impersonated divine force.  

However it will always remain: “In God there are Three Persons, the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.


Each of the Three Persons possesses the one (numerical) Divine Essence.” (De fide.)  


            Amidst the long struggles of the Church there were also heroes of faith who died defending the truth taught by Jesus and His disciples. And the Church were able to preserve the sanctity of Her doctrine and the Church continues to sail preaching the word of God in the history of mankind for it is the mission entrusted by Jesus as he said:

“Going therefore, teach ye all nations, Baptising them in the Name of the Father and of The Son and of the Holy Ghost.” (Mt.28:19)


Worship God in Spirit

Worship God in Spirit

Bro. Cleb Calimutan


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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: Worship God in Spirit

Date: March 24, 2011



The Lord said that we should worship in truth and in spirit. However it seems that some people are so disturbed with the Church buildings when they observed a lot decorations are added into it, that people are used to go in a procession or to kiss the graven images of their patrons. Fiestas and other liturgical celebrations are manifesting this once of a kind practice that considered taboo to some others. Once Scott Han said, when I was not yet I Catholic, I accused the church with a lot of false accusations.

Understanding human being and his faculties is excellent for we human being are a composite beings. Man has a body whose functions are the senses and man at the same time is a spiritual being with his intellectual faculty. Now in the process of knowing that man has to use his senses usually to perceive particular things e.g. when a person is looking a mango tree, what his eyes is perceiving is particular thing but his spiritual faculty is abstracting the universality of the thing being perceive with the eyes and the is the judgment that what he is looking is a tree. Now when a man is looking a picture of a mango tree, he goes with the same process; his eyes are looking to a particular thing the picture of a tree and his intellect would abstract the truth presented by the picture it is a mango tree. What the eyes had seen is the color green and some textures and figures the intellect would abstract the truth presented by those signs and that is a mango tree.

            This exactly the same when someone is looking the picture of Jesus Christ, what the persons eyes looked into are the various mixture of colors and figures but the intellect would abstract the truth presented by those signs and that is Jesus Christ. Therefore when someone is praying, touching, kissing the graven images of Jesus, what the eyes see and they touch are the signs which are perceptible with the senses. But, the spiritual intellect would abstract the truth presented by the senses, and that is, the truth that there is a true Jesus who once died and resurrected. In this manner, that the believers, or the devotes are truly worshiping God in truth and in spirit for what is in their mind and heart is the truth express by the images that is Jesus. On the contrary if a person allegedly worshiping Jesus with out anything to see nor  to touch with, what then his intellect would abstract from? What truth then that the intellect could conceive if his sense of perception is devoid from anything?


Therefore the Church proclaimed, The Seventh General Council at Nicaea – “. . .the venerable and holy images of Christ, of the Mother of God, of the angels and of the saints, and to show them a reverent homage, bit not adoration in the true and proper sense which is due to God alone; for the veneration of the image refers to the prototype.”

Finally St. Paul said, “…I had wave a placard before you with a picture on it of Christ dying on the cross” Gal.3:1 (From Tyndale Version Bible).







Let’s Think Together

Let’s Think Together

Bro. Cleb Calimutan

Golden Banner News Paper

Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: Confession by iPhone?!

Dater: February 25, 2011


We are walking now with electronic high ways as the words of the young people go to today. The world is now very advance in technology and the minds of the people have not rested to innovate something new. With this that we are surprised with electronic sacramental confessions introduced by new iPhone app :

“According to its U.S. producers, “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” is designed to help users prepare for confession through a “personalized examination of conscience for each user, password protected profiles, and a step-by-step guide to the sacrament.” The Indiana-based company, Little iApps LLC, says its app is the first to receive an imprimatur, or official permission for publication, from a Catholic bishop– in this case, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.”

But the answer of the question whether this electronic object can forgive sins the Vatican has a direct answer of “NO” Rev. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office. More over the news stated: the “Sacrament of Penance necessarily requires the relationship of personal dialogue between the penitent and the confessor and absolution by the confessor present.”


“This cannot be substituted for by any information technology application,” he said.

The Vatican has cautiously embraced information technology and new media in recent years, but Pope Benedict XVI last month warned digital communication poses special dangers to Christian values and face-to-face relationships. As reported by Francis X. Rocca Religion News Service.

Jesus gave this power to his first clergies the Apostle that was handed down to the priests of this modern generation:


“The sins you forgive on earth they are forgiven in heaven.”( Jn.20:22-23)


The power of the words of the Lord never changed together with the process of forgiving, the Church maintain the mater and the form of the Sacrament for effective significance. One can prepare himself for a good confession in many ways but the ways of the Lord would never be changed for He changed not.