Catholic Faith Defenders, Inc. Will be Evangelizing Abroad!

Catholic Faith Defenders, Inc. Will be Evangelizing Abroad!

By Bro: G-one Tampipi Paisones


Below is my letter to the board of governors and their reply regarding to the expansion of Catholic Faith Defenders in Abroad!

22 hours ago
January 8, 2015

Catholic Faith Defenders, Inc.

Dear Brothers:

Pursuant to the mandate of our constitutions and by-laws that we should proclaim the true message of Christ by evangelizing the Catholic towards its Biblical teaching by establishing Catholic Faith Defenders in every parishes (Mat. 28:19-20); I am reporting to you that Brother Victory Feria had been organized CFD in abroad. Hence, He wanted to register and join the CFD National here in the Philippines.
Brother Victory Feria is based in Chicago USA; he is one of the few people who give us monetary aid so that we can maintain our websites from various forms of spam massages (Link: In addition to that; he will also serves as my co active-administrator in posting apologetics; doctrinal subjects; moral issues and articles pertaining to the Church as bride of Christ.
Furthermore brother Victory had been able to begin in establishing Catholic Faith Defenders in USA. He is very willing to undergo screening and other interviews so that CFD National will acknowledge CFD Chicago Chapter. Glory to God! Catholic Faith Defenders, Inc. is now an International organization.
For further information and contact him personally; please call me in my mobile number 09061810937; or just reply to this message.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

CFD Website Chief Administrator
Ryan R. Mejillano

Copy G-one. Akoni will also soon organize Australia based CFD. Let’s pray for it. Fr Abe had already organized Missouri Chapter. Teewe had lots of fans in Middle East and follows his posts by OFWs. Let’s call to arms our defense for the Holy Mother Church. (“,)
20 hours ago
Abe Arganiosa

Ryan R. Mejillano

Jose Gonzalo M. Ditching

Wow! Praise God for this.
19 hours ago
Victor Adams

Very happy to join the group. Hello from Chicago!
Ryan R. Mejillano

hello victor.
Septofel Apurado

11 hours ago
5 hours ago
Victor Adams

Victor Adams

My card.
Victor Adams

Who are the contacts in Missouri?
Chat Conversation End

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