Debater of the Year

Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010

By: Bro. G-one T. Paisones

After the devastating defeat of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Pastor Christopher Luaya by our own member of the company of Catholic Faith Defenders; brother Septofel Apurado.   Septofel Apurado uses his eloquence techniques in rhetorical argumentation and debate; and his competency and equips knowledge with the True teaching of the Bible, had been able to prove the said proposition vocally and amazingly.

For these reasons, we the Catholic Faith Defenders awarded this prestigious award to Septofel Apurado as Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010!!!!

Bro. Septofel Apurado C.F.D.

Bro. Septofel Apurado C.F.D.

Pastor Christopher Luaya

Cross Examination

Bro.  Septofel Apurado

Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010


Catholic Faith Defender Debater of the Year 2010

By: G-one T. Paisones

Please send me your nominee via commenting in this website or you can email me at

The Nominees:

  • Ø Septofel Apurado (First nominee)

(Septofel Apurado (CFD) vs Christopher Luaya (SDA)


  • Ø Edgar Laugan (Second nominee)

(Bro. Edgar Laugan (CFD/CFLAMP) vs Pastor Concordio Viodor (SDA)

  • Ø Dr. Rey Entila (Third nominee)


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  1. Dear Brothers in Christ, I am studying about Catholic faith so many years now. I really want to have one in UK a GROUP OF Catholic faith defender. There are loads of other denomination are growing here. Misleading our bro and sis in Catholic. Hoping to hear your answers. God bless CFD

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