Muntik ng Maligaw ng Landas, Salamat sa CFD

Muntin ng Maligaw ng Landas, Salamat sa CFD

Karanasan ni: harlem jude

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if i didn’t know what my religion is ay mapapa-convert na kami ng INC… (–,) i’m reading some of our CATHOLIC FAITH DEFENDERS’ writings all over the philippines… and that strengthen my faith..

the INC’s and other non-catholics are forcing me to
leave the church and come with them with their doctrines..
but i am a full-blooded roman catholic..
they’re saying they too are a full-blooded catholic
but had left the church because they had opened their eyes
and found the true religion…

then i told them, i don’t want to be converted.
i’m on the true religion…
and i don’t throw stones to your faith,
i’m only defending my faith against your
wrong accusations…

those who don’t know much of
their faith are easily be fooled. (–,)

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