by Prof. Ramon Gitamondoc, CFD National President

Visitation – A pregnant Virgin Mary visiting St. Elizabeth

  • Brothers, sino ang online po dito?
    Can I ask in my preparation for my Debate,,

    Diba po ba ang SEX is procreation and a porcess of life?
    and naturally it is reserved for husband and wife so eto ang question ko.

    What if ang wife po may complication sa pregnancy does the husband needs to use contraceptives to prevent her from being pregnant?

    • The use of contraception is intrinsically evil and therefore no circumstance will justify its use. Contraception violates the two intrinsic meaning and purpose of the conjugal act. It violates the unitive meaning whereby the both spouses give to each other wholly and without reservation. In using contraception one is withholding from the other a part of himself or herself and that is his manhood or her womanhood. It violates the procreative meaning since it willfully prevents the openness to the transmission of life which God has willed in creating man male and female. A basic principle in moral theology is that the end does not justify the means. In the case cited above I think the prudent action to follow would be for the couple to talk openly to each other and if they are both Catholics and faithful to the Church then this will not present so great difficulty. They can both exercise continence or avail of natural methods which are proven to be almost 100 percent effective. They should devote their time in prayer and trust in God that if they follow his will God will bring out the best for them in the end. In case the wife becomes pregnant then they should avail of the necessary medical attention in order to provide the needed support for both mother and child. Directly willed abortion is never an option.







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