The Blessed Virgin Mary

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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: The Blessed Virgin Mary

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan

Date: April 25, 2012



The Catholic Church teaches that Mary the Mother of Jesus is perpetually virgin that is she is virgin, before, during, and after the birth of Jesus. This idea got a very strong opposition among Protestants. However the Catholic Church is humble enough to concede with the truth discounting personal and religious biases.

That Mary the mother of Jesus is a virgin before the birth is explicitly warranted in the Bible; when angel Gabriel announced the birth of the Messiah, Mary responded, “I’m a virgin. How, then, can this be? (Lk.1:34 Good News Bible). There is no doubt between Catholics and Protestants they agreed on this view, nevertheless the next idea is so profound: Mary is Virgin during the birth of Jesus.

The Prophet said, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel” (Is.7:14 KJV) this prophecy is affirmed in the Gospel of St. Mathew (1:23) that is fulfilled to Mary and Jesus. Now the term sign in Hebrew sounds like “oth” which means a miraculous sign. An idea, that was supported by the Church Fathers that if a miracle is needed to preserve the virginity then it is manifested in the Scripture. Among other Catholic Theologians, they supported moral side of virginity; the sex act and seed act virginity of Mary that she was not touch by any man nor any genetical seed had in her. Whatever view they had still they have one thing in mind that Mary is a virgin during the birth of Jesus.

Another issue is the virginity of Mary after the birth of Jesus: One should notice the word of prophecy that, “Mary shall conceive and bear a son” hence to have children other that Jesus destroys the prophecy. Now, there are questions concerning the brother of Jesus mentioned in the Gospel of Mark (6:3). Let’s make it a point, the term brother is adelphus in Greek could also mean cousin and this is clarified in some other parts of the New Testament for the brothers of Jesus were sons not of Joseph but of another people, like, James the Son of Zebedee and James the Son of Alpheus (Lk.6:16) whose wife is name Mary with their children Joseph and Salome (Mk.15:40) but she is the cousin of Mary the Mother of Jesus (Jn.19:25). There are seven Simons in the Gospels one of whom was called the brother of Jesus but again it cannot be another son of Mary for if the cousin of Jesus were called His brothers then Simon who was one of them could never be a brother of Jesus in blood since he was included in the list of the brothers of Jesus who were the Lord’s cousins. The same argument is applied for Jude that he belonged to the list called the brother of Jesus who are close relatives with the Lord but not His brother in blood.

Among the Jewish culture the Mother should not be left with other people if one has a brother, now since Jesus turn over Mary to John His disciple it is a very strong proof that Mary had no other children save Jesus the Christ.

On the case of Joseph when he happened to know that Mary was pregnant he wanted to go away it was never in his mind to take Mary as his wife. Now, when he realized through the vision, with an angel that Mary was bearing the Son of God the more that he would not intend of taking Mary as his wife by following the flow of his mind.

And so this is a truth of certitude that Mary is perpetually virgin, let us hold on to this for the truth only can set us free.


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