The People must know

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Column Title: Let’s think together

Article Title: The People must know

Columnist: Cleb B. Calimutan


In a survey made it appears that sixty nine percent (69%) of the Filipinos agreed the use of artificial contraception, twenty four percent (24%) are not sure and only seven percent (7%) of the Filipinos have the same conservative position with the Catholic Church which remains very strong to go against the artificial contraception. This is because the Church knows something that the people do not specially on the moral side of family planning. In the Humanae vitae of Pope Paul VI the Church constantly says that artificial contraception is wrong. Contraception is “any action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act [sexual intercourse], or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible” (Birth Control, Catholic Answers). Before 1930 the Protestant goes with the mind with the Catholic Church, but on the Lambeth conference the Anglican was pressured and started to sway their position now the Catholic Church is the only largest institution opposing artificial contraception.


            Why the Church says contraception is wrong? Primarily, since it defeats the purpose of sex which is designed by God for procreation and not an end of the act. It is a blessing from God intended to create a new life in the bond of matrimony, there must be love and respect, and not for self gratification only. The people must know this thing to have a good view of life and love in the family.


            If the Filipino couple are given the change to choose between natural and artificial they would prefer the artificial one, for it is convenient and easy. Unlike the natural method that it takes time for them to know with great accuracy, they need to be educated in the holistic aspect of family planning. And since most of the Filipino are not oriented with the importance of the natural family planning they would choose the artificial method. But I do believe that if they only know the reality of both the natural and the artificial they would choose probably choose the natural one.


            It remains that education is the best solution of problems, for in it that there is awareness that inclines proper decision making. The people who knows what is right from wrong are those who can discriminate them properly and as a Christian country it is deemed that everybody must get involved in proclaiming the truth and what is the best for the people; since this is not only a problem of a few but for all of us, knowing the truth makes a difference thus Jesus said, “the truth shall set us free.”

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