Worship God in Spirit

Worship God in Spirit

Bro. Cleb Calimutan


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Column Title: Let’s Think Together

Article Title: Worship God in Spirit

Date: March 24, 2011



The Lord said that we should worship in truth and in spirit. However it seems that some people are so disturbed with the Church buildings when they observed a lot decorations are added into it, that people are used to go in a procession or to kiss the graven images of their patrons. Fiestas and other liturgical celebrations are manifesting this once of a kind practice that considered taboo to some others. Once Scott Han said, when I was not yet I Catholic, I accused the church with a lot of false accusations.

Understanding human being and his faculties is excellent for we human being are a composite beings. Man has a body whose functions are the senses and man at the same time is a spiritual being with his intellectual faculty. Now in the process of knowing that man has to use his senses usually to perceive particular things e.g. when a person is looking a mango tree, what his eyes is perceiving is particular thing but his spiritual faculty is abstracting the universality of the thing being perceive with the eyes and the is the judgment that what he is looking is a tree. Now when a man is looking a picture of a mango tree, he goes with the same process; his eyes are looking to a particular thing the picture of a tree and his intellect would abstract the truth presented by the picture it is a mango tree. What the eyes had seen is the color green and some textures and figures the intellect would abstract the truth presented by those signs and that is a mango tree.

            This exactly the same when someone is looking the picture of Jesus Christ, what the persons eyes looked into are the various mixture of colors and figures but the intellect would abstract the truth presented by those signs and that is Jesus Christ. Therefore when someone is praying, touching, kissing the graven images of Jesus, what the eyes see and they touch are the signs which are perceptible with the senses. But, the spiritual intellect would abstract the truth presented by the senses, and that is, the truth that there is a true Jesus who once died and resurrected. In this manner, that the believers, or the devotes are truly worshiping God in truth and in spirit for what is in their mind and heart is the truth express by the images that is Jesus. On the contrary if a person allegedly worshiping Jesus with out anything to see nor  to touch with, what then his intellect would abstract from? What truth then that the intellect could conceive if his sense of perception is devoid from anything?


Therefore the Church proclaimed, The Seventh General Council at Nicaea – “. . .the venerable and holy images of Christ, of the Mother of God, of the angels and of the saints, and to show them a reverent homage, bit not adoration in the true and proper sense which is due to God alone; for the veneration of the image refers to the prototype.”

Finally St. Paul said, “…I had wave a placard before you with a picture on it of Christ dying on the cross” Gal.3:1 (From Tyndale Version Bible).







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